Our normal education courses are scheduled between September through April, with seminars all year. Check back for current schedules.

A variety of courses are offered by the Birmingham Power Squadron, both to the public and to our members.

Course Description Schedule
Cruising and Cruise Planning : Member cost: $90.00 - Non-member cost: $140.00
Cruising and Cruise Planning
Course Includes:
  • Cruise Preparation and Planning
  • Boat & Needed Equipment
  • Chartering
  • Outside the United States
  • Crew Selection; Provisions
  • Voyage Managment; Navigation
  • Weather; Emergencies

    Minimum Registration:  6 students. Don't miss out:   Please register by September 14 to save a place. Former Students welcome.

Includes 18-20 class-hours of instruction, USPS Cruise Planning Course Student Guide

Location: Bloomfield Hills City Hall
Long Lake just East of Woodward
Date and Time: NEW DATE: 8 Thursdays, starting September 21, 7 pm to 9 pm
Non-member Registration Member Registration
Advanced Piloting: Member cost: $100.00 - Non-member cost: $150.00

Advanced Piloting

This is the third of the Advanced Level courses.
Course Covers:
  • Electronic Navigational
  • GPS
  • Digital Charts
  • Plotters
  • Collision Avoidence
  • Radar
  • Positioning
  • Bearings
  • When Electronics Fail
  • Piloting with Tides, Winds & Currents
Incl. 20 class-hours of instruction, USPS Advanced Piloting Course Student Guide, “Weekend Navigator”
Prerequisite: PILOTING
Location: Anthony Franco Communications Center (Lower Level), 44555 Woodward Avenue Pontia
Date and Time: Date: TBD Day: Thursdays Time: 7-9:30 pm Please register to show interest
Non-member Registration Member Registration
Seamanship: Member cost: $85.00 - Non-member cost: $135.00


The Seamanship course is the next step after completing America’s Boating Course, 3rd Edition (ABC3), taking the knowledge and skills learned there and expanding and extending them with this newly updated edition.

Or, make Seamanship the first step into building boating confidence and competence for safe and fun on-the-water adventures. Seamanship presents material applicable to both power and sail, covering such topics as the construction and functioning of a boat, the skipper’s responsibilities, preparing the boat for use, handling and maneuvering a vessel under various conditions in close quarters and on the open water, rules of the road, anchoring, emergencies, and marlinespike/basic knots.

The Appendices cover boating into the waters of Canada and Mexico, the effects of weather on the boater’s health, and general information on obtaining a US Coast Guard captain’s license.

The manual includes the text and the One Minute Guide to the Nautical Rules of the Road by Charlie Wing or a downloadable US Coast Guard Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook

Location: TBD: Check back in the Fall
Date and Time:
Non-member Registration Member Registration



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